Dati Ascensori - La garanzia di essere all'altezza.

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Dati Ascensori

Dati Ascensori Ltd, active in the field of lifts and escalators since 1992, has got twenty years experience in the design, installation and maintenance of lifts, elevators and escalators, as well as equipment for disabled people. Thanks to its long experience and its expertise in design and technology, the company is able to combine tradition and innovation, improving and customizing its own product in order to satisfy a wider number of clients. Dati Ascensori Ltd proposes a wide range of installations (ski lifts, elevators, escalators and equipment for disabled people) taking care of the design, installation and maintenance through its advanced technologies and its skilled staff, that ensures high quality and operational speed in customer service. Dati Ascensori Ltd provides a 24 out of 7 emergency service, including holidays.